My journey

Bridging Cosmos and Earth, indigenous and modern world

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. My grandfathers ancestors (from my mother’s side) were native Americans. I feel a strong connection with them and their shamanic skills flow through me during my healing sessions. Their energy feels very much grounded, from the Earth.

On the other hand, being the highly sensitive woman I am and being able to tap into several dimensions and past and future lives, I feel at home with the Hathors (light beings connected with ancient Egypt, sound healing masters), the Pleiadians and Arcturians, to name a few. I channel their songs and light languages.

As a child I didn’t really know how to deal with my sensitivity. Not that I had severe problems, but in hindsight I can say that I shut down my extrasensory perception to protect myself from too much input. There was just too little knowledge on how to handle that back then.

However, I remember feeling at one with nature, talking to and singing for the cows in the meadow next to our farmhouse. Turning to the big beech that marked the entrance to our grounds whenever I felt sad or misunderstood. Spending hours and hours on my belly in the grass looking for (and finding many) four leaf clovers, talking to all the little crawlers. Or lying on my back to see what messages the clouds had for me.

But as I grew up, I forgot how to listen to the wind, talk to the animals and trees, read the signs of nature.

At age 21, during art school, I had what they call a burn out. I would now call it a radical wake up call. My mother went to her motherland Curaçao for a holiday and she asked: Why don’t you come with me? There, on the homeland of my native American roots, my life took a huge turn.

I went to see a healer who worked with me on my anxieties, apparently rooted in a past life where (as I saw in my mind’s eye) I was a native American man whose wife was severely ill. I didn’t know how to help her and she died. In all the lives that followed, I had never been able to forgive myself for my inertia. All this came to me in a split second, and the healer helped me resolve this then and there.

She finished the session with Reiki, and immediately I felt all the stress and anxiety flow down my legs into the Earth. I thought this was pure magic! Back then, with everything beyond the 5 senses firmly locked, you would have had a hard time finding a more down to earth, sceptic person than me. It was truly a magical experience and I thought to myself: I need to learn how to do this!

And so I did. Many other healing modalities followed, a.o. Quantum Touch and Reconnective Healing. I started practicing in 2007 and helped many people heal themselves, often witnessing miraculous transformations taking place. In 2017 I graduated as a Family Constellation therapist and I very much enjoy journeying with people this way.

Then 2020 came and I got sick. A case of long covid which was again a huge wake up call. It forced me to go even deeper within, to see that I had to let go of everything and everyone that did not serve my highest good. This also meant letting go of my main source of income: my work in the broadcasting industry as a graphic designer and video editor. I had been in this business for over 15 years, so it took all my courage to take this step. To come to a complete standstill and take a deep dive into the unknown. Another leap of faith (I’ve had my fair share of these).

It has become very clear to me that my ultimate happiness lies in working with my voice and with people. Making my life as well as other people’s lives better every day. Whether as a voice actor (which became a new source of income), a singer (I sing in a Joni Mitchell tribute band and I write my own songs) or as a voice for the healing frequencies that I love to transmit in my Soul Sounding sessions.

My passion in life is to live as love, to live life to the fullest, no holding back. To dare to dream big, and create my life accordingly. Sounds good? I’d love to guide you on your own unique soul’s journey :)